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Forbes AI with Intel

The Challenge

After 50 years in the tech industry, Intel recognized artificial intelligence as the future of its business. Already a
household name known for its processors, Intel aimed to spark a global conversation that would differentiate its
brand from competitors in the AI space. Intel approached Forbes for a creative solution that would use high-impact
storytelling to:

• Position Intel as an AI thought leader among C-level executives and machine learning influencers;
• Form meaningful connections between business decision makers and the Intel brand; and
• Create digestible, research-based content that would bridge the gap in existing mainstream AI coverage, which was
either too general interest or too technical.

The Strategy

In 2018 Forbes Insights developed a robust content strategy for an original six-issue, digital and print publication
called Forbes AI. Launched in July, our year-long partnership with Intel goes beyond the surface level of general interest tech topics like VR and driverless cars. It arms Intel’s audience of C-level executives and machine learning
leaders with business strategies and data they can use in their jobs today.

Forbes Insights conducts hundreds of surveys each year and has ongoing conversations with global executives, IT
professionals and other business leaders. In researching our audience’s needs, we discovered that executives crave
informative, digestible AI coverage, told from diverse perspectives. We designed a multiplatform publication to
address these needs from every angle–online, in print and in person.

Forbes AI features top-tier tech industry talent in each issue–from Facebook’s Yann LeCun to Microsoft’s Lili Cheng
and Stitch Fix’s Eric Colson. Leaders from a wide array of companies, including Accenture, Philips and Deloitte,
participated in interviews and lent their topic expertise. Putting global executives center stage (LeCun was Issue 1’s
cover star) incentivized them to share the content with their professional and personal networks.

The Implementation

The Forbes AI print edition has a distribution of 20,000 C-level executives from the world’s largest public companies. In addition, 1,500 copies circulated at the AI Summit in San Francisco. Several attendees requested copies for their own tech events or to share with their colleagues. As a sponsor of the 2018 Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York City, an Intel executive spoke on a panel about AI’s potential to change the healthcare industry.

To inform the content strategy, Forbes Insights hosts meetings with 15 to 20 C-level executives of Global 2000
companies, who serve as an advisory board. Their dynamic conversations offer invaluable insight for both Intel and
Forbes. In addition to the connections made online, at events and through advisory meetings, Intel also continues to
discover new leads through an e-mail nurture campaign.

The Result

The impact of the Forbes AI program has exceeded our expectations. Within the first three months of a yearlong
partnership with Intel across print, digital and live, Forbes AI has earned:

• 26.3 million digital brand impressions for the Intel brand
• 782K+ digital page views on
• 18.5K social actions & referrals
• 1.9K reader op-ins requesting to receive additional content
• An audience 2,263% more likely to be C-Level+ than the overall online audience
• 100+ inquiries from subject matter experts seeking to be included in a future issue

On top of the success of the native campaign, Forbes AI has sparked organic interest in Intel’s brand, with invitations
to participate in major AI summits in New York, California, China and Dubai, as well as earned media coverage.
Feedback on social media and at events has been largely positive. Outside of the United States, the digital campaign
had the highest reach in Canada, India, the U.K., and Mexico.

The key to Forbes AI’s success has been the unprecedented partnership between Forbes and Intel. Intel understands
the need for clear, credible AI coverage is so great that they trusted Forbes’ vision for telling the stories that matter.
In turn, Forbes has integrated Intel’s thought leadership into the discussion in ways that go beyond the typical
advertising partnership. Without that trust and understanding, which is truly rare, this would not have been possible.