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Footprints of Extinction

The Challenge

According to figures from the United Nations, of the 8,300 known animal breeds, 8% are extinct and 22% are in danger of extinction, due to various causes and especially how humans have impacted their ecosystems.  WWF Chile works to protect land, air and marine environments, and fights every day to reduce the impact and raise awareness about how important it is to take action today to reduce the risks for all animals.  Currently there are 664 extinct animal breeds and many people are not aware of how important it is and the impact that human influence will bring to ourselves in the future.

The world stage of the fight against COVID-19 has been a call for attention to rethink relationships between human being and nature and the environment, today we urgently need a reflection that makes us become aware of our impact and how we support mitigating it.

The Creative Solution

Technology has been very important for the development of society, however, the impact that technology has in broad strokes is often seen in a negative way. WWF Chile saw this as an opportunity and used augmented reality to bring back iconic animals that were extinct, or about to become extinct today.

All of the above, added to the 40% growth in total fixed and mobile internet traffic driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, provided a clear opportunity to innovate and promote a message through these platforms.

In the middle of the quarantine, WWF Chile launched a mobile web experience called “Huellas De Extinción”. The site gives the opportunity to revive these animals and share with them through augmented reality technology, where the user could choose between the stories of the DODO BIRD, the NEBULOSA PANTHER and the GIANT ALCA. The user was able to learn more about these emblematic animals; what they ate, how they lived or what was their natural habitat. To access, the user had to deliver the contact data to WWF Chile and thus be impacted by communications from the NGO (opt in), in order to raise awareness and eventually become partners.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The project presented a strategy strongly focused on digital channels, although being a digital experience, it also used traditional media, being launched through social networks, public roads, PR and the media.  It considered outdoor formats with QR codes so that people could access the augmented reality experience through their smartphones, wherever they are (

The website gave the chance of bringing these animals back through augmented reality, making them virtually live among us.  In this way, it was sought to impact and raise awareness among people so that they support WWF Chile and together fighting for the lives of all species of animals.  In addition, through the interaction between people and extinct animals, each user could use creativity and share this content on their social media amplifying the message and the mobile experience “Footprints of Extinction”.  Ambassadors and influencers contributed by sharing AR content on their digital platforms to provide interaction and traffic among their different communities.

The Result

During the month of this campaign, the website had 28,746 visitors and 14,750 effective users, of which 489 leads were achieved, with a conversion rate of 3.3%.

FOOTPRINTS OF EXTINCTION captured the attention of the national and international press, achieving more than 60,000 USD of earned media, with more than 10 million total audience and more than 15 million interactions with the development of augmented reality.