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The Trust: The Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group

Building the future

The Challenge

For the past few years, innovation stemming from new disruptive technologies like 5G, AI, AR & blockchain has continued to change the dynamic within the C-Suite. As a proven leader in engaging influential Business Decision makers across the globe (reaching more than half of all global decisionmakers & responsible for $2 in every $3 spent in global B2B tech/telecom purchases), in 2019, WSJ|BG Intelligence (a dedicated, inhouse research unit), conducted a piece of proprietary research that focused on understanding the priorities & points of view of over 1,200 CEOs & CIOs in response to this issue. The Online quantitative study included a detailed analysis of top tech brands to assess brand familiarity and how innovative they were perceived to be by respondents. This moment presented an opportunity for NTT to drive a significant perception change among CEOs and CIOs globally.

In 2020, NTT wanted to increase brand awareness among global C-Suite executives. Advocating an overarching message of ‘Tech for Good’ – how change today can become the future and help not only businesses but also for the society and the world – NTT wanted to be reinforced as a leader in delivering innovative solutions that can help empower decision making. *Source: 2018 Global Business Influencers Survey; Dow Jones brand reflects net of Barron’s, MarketWatch, and The Wall Street Journal U.S. print and/or global digital users in the past 30 days.

The Creative Solution

Reaching over half of C-Suites globally &producing more tech content than competitors, NTT partnered with WSJ|BG to leverage its influential readership &reputation as a trusted source of business intelligence. Building The Future was a multi-faceted programme including research, articles, video, events &multi-channel alignments-designed to position NTT as an innovative leader in delivering ‘Tech For Good’ now&for the future. Launched during the pandemic, content demonstrated the pivotal role tech has played in our battle against Covid-19 &continues to play in all aspects of life. The programme was grounded in intelligence with insights from the research used to inform content, 1P data to identify effective formats &proprietary targeting for qualified scale. PR Activity: To tee up the campaign, The Trust created 1xpromotional article &video to raise brand awareness prior to the Building The Future programme launch. Proprietary Research: A study of 350C-Suite professionals from 10 industries &15 countries by WSJ|BG Intelligence sought to understand the tangible actions firms have taken towards “social purpose”, &what respondents hoped to achieve through their social impact strategy. . Whitepaper: Research findings/Insights were used to create a 15xpage whitepaper “Building Back With Purpose”. which demonstrated how technology-driven solutions can be used to solve some of the world’s most vexing problems. Content: 3 of 5 The research informed 4xarticles which were released in bursts to align with live events. Spanning topics including cybersecurity &how digital technology can reshape the Post-Covid World, articles were housed within a co-branded hub on C-Suite Connections: NTT’s “Tech for good” initiatives were promoted using speaking opportunities at flagship events attended by C-Suite: WSJ.Tech Live: Steph Chang (The Trust) was joined by Joe Alexander, M.D., Ph.D|Distinguished Scientist, Alex Bennett, NTT Ltd. &Mary Edwards, NTT DATA to discuss the role tech plays in post-covid workplace. CEO Council (Dec): Demonstrating NTT’s thought-leadership at the ultimate gathering of global CEOs: Main-Stage Moment: Mr. Jun Sawada, NTT, CEO conducted a main-stage speech about the importance of technology in combating global challenges &NTT’s innovation in creating smart societies/cities across the globe. Innovation & The Future Of Connectivity: Mr. Kazuhiro Gomi, NTT Research CEO joined influential panellists to discuss how national security, prosperity &stability are increasingly reliant on technology. CEO Council (May): Abhijit Dubey, Global CEO of NTT Ltd. discussed how technologies are providing innovative workplaces.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Media & Content amplification is a key piece to this campaign’s overall success. Strategic timing (e.g. releasing articles at the same time as the live events) was complemented by a powerful distribution plan in order to maximise awareness amongst the target audience (across multiple platforms) and drive discovery and engagement of The Building The Future content. Contextual Alignments: High-impact buyouts of key digital sections across WSJ Digital Network (WSJDN) (e.g. Business & Tech) were complimented by highfrequency placements within sections we knew C-Suites visited regularly as part of their daily news routine. NTT also ran alongside all brand-suitable content related to Coronavirus – allowing them to promote their innovative Tech for Good capabilities without compromising on brand-safety. Audience Targeting: We identified C suites of large size global companies and served NTT messaging to them wherever they were across WSJDN -pushing them to the custom hub.. Thematic Targeting: WSJ | BG’s patented taxonomy tool, DJID, is a contextual targeting tool that allows us to effectively gauge users’ intent & serve messaging against 80+ distinct themes. For NTT, we applied 5G/Tech For Good/IT/ESG/Impact Investing/Workplace Tech & IoT – meaning that when a user read content that related to these topics across WSJDN, they were served a large-format promotional unit advertising the custom programme. News IQ: By including NewsIQ in our media strategy, NTT’s custom content ads appeared across all media titles in the News Corp portfolio including The Times & The New York Post for additional reach within brand-safe environments. Finally, placements across select partners such as Apple News were utilsied for maximum reach beyond the WSJ|BG walled garden. Organic social promotion from WSJ Custom and client-owned handles further drove awareness and familiarity. . In addition to the content mentioned above the programme included: Cover-Wrap in Print: The whitepaper was promoted to capitol hill using a powerful cover-wrap (policymakers were secondary target to C-Suite) within #1 most trusted U.S. news source, WSJ featuring a QR code which took the reader to the custom hub. Event Sponsorship: To complement the speaking opportunities at live events, NTT also benefited from prominent branding across promotional materials in the lead up to, during and post events – as well as across the virtual platform itself.