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Power to change

The Challenge

Released in January 2021, the People’s Climate Vote demonstrated that there is recognition that climate change is a global emergency.- stating “over all 50 countries, 64% of people said that climate change was an emergency – presenting a clear and convincing call for decision-makers to step up on ambition” (UNDP Oxford University People’s Climate Vote). Iberdrola is a global energy leader, one of the largest producers of wind power, and one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities by market capitalisation. Iberdrola has brought the energy transition forward two decades to combat climate change in order to provide a clean, reliable and smart business model. For the latest campaign, Iberdrola wanted to reinforce its position as a leader in the global transition to green energy amongst Senior Decision Makers at a time where the market was becoming increasingly crowded. Additionally, Iberdrola wanted to assert its longstanding leadership and success in the energy transition, ensuring the brand was clearly differentiated from the expanding group of businesses trying to claim their part of the low carbon energy future.

The Creative Solution

As the #1 most trusted news source in the U.S, a publisher who reaches over half of C-Suites and 1 in 2 Business Decision Makers globally, The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group was selected as partner for Iberdrola’s 2020 campaign.

While awareness surrounding the climate crisis was increasingly topping the WEF’s 2019 Global Risks Report. – understandably, news surrounding the pandemic took precedence. Power to Change needed to strike a careful balance between demonstrating empathy whilst conveying an important message that climate change is still a critical global issue in order to drive awareness. We did this by creating content that spoke directly to, the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. This meant content was adapted based on the developments of the moment and The Trust crafted the content to ensure the right tone was used.

Power To Change was a powerful podcast and supporting article series designed to engage a sophisticated audience that understands the nuances of today’s energy and business issues. With science and policy at its core, Power to Change was designed to equip business leaders with the knowledge and confidence to make better decisions locally, nationally and globally.

The five episodes centered on quality conversations focused on renewables’ role in powering the economy of the future. They covered the Green Recovery, Green Hydrogen, Climate Science Behavioural Science and UK Policy Making ahead of COP 26. Podcast guests included political economist Ann Pettifor, Professor &CEO, Maragret Heffernan, Polar explorer Felicity Aston &UK Cabinet Adviser Ben Caldecott, with scientific input from Iberdrola experts.

In order to reach the target audience with content however they preferred to consume it, articles were used to provide a deeper dive into each topic – featuring insights from Iberdrola executives throughout for context. The content was housed within a beautifully designed co-branded hub on We also applied proprietary targeting and a range of platforms for maximum awareness.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The content and media strategy centered around creating an opportunity for the target audience to consume content that was both engaging and informative – allowing them to learn about Iberdrola’s expertise in green energy during their daily news routine.

In order to ensure the target audience were able to access & consume the series quickly, without having to navigate to another site, a stunning, co-branded custom hub was built living within the trusted WSJ environment. CTA were included across the hub – prompting users to listen to the next podcast in the series quickly and easily. Targeted digital placements were used to drive users to the hub. These were refreshed regularly to sustain interest/ awareness.

DJ Thematic Targeting: WSJ | BG’s patented taxonomy tool, DJID, is a contextual targeting tool that allows us to effectively gauge users’ intent & serve messaging against 80+ distinct themes. For Iberdrola, we applied Energy / Climate Change / Innovation – meaning that when a user read content that related to these topics across The WSJ Digital Network, they were served a high-impact promotional unit advertising the podcast and article series.

Audience Targeting: We identified Business and Energy Decision Makers, policy makers as well as green energy enthusiasts and served the Power To Change units to them wherever they were across The WSJ digital network.

Contextual Targeting: Using 1P data and audience insights, WSJ | BG identified areas where decision makers visited frequently and served Power To Change promotional units within these environments (e.g. Technology, Business & Energy)

Apple News: Native units across the Apple News ecosystem were also utilised with 300×250 units being served to audiences across this platform. This not only extended reach but ensured Iberdrola remained within a brand-safe environment.

Social: We promoted the Iberdrola Power To Change campaign with multiple bursts of organic social posts on @WSJCustom handles across Twitter and Facebook.

The Result