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Carat UK

Aimee Carpenter

The Elevator Pitch

Aimee Carpenter is the European Account Manager for Kellogg’s Kids Cereal brands at Carat UK.

Since joining the team in November 2021, Aimee has demonstrated a clear dedication to the business with reliable proactivity when leading various planning, implementation, and reporting workstreams. She consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations, seamlessly adapting her account management style to effectively collaborate in an ever-changing team structure to respond to and resolve day-to-day paid media challenges.

In our most recent client 360 reviews, our Kellogg’s team at Carat UK -in which Aimee played a significant role- received their highest score (8/10) in recent memory.

The Nomination

Throughout her short (~4 years) career in the paid media industry, Aimee has continuously worked hard to learn, develop and progress in each successive role.

In her role as European Account Manager, Aimee is expected to manage multimedia planning, collaborate with various channel specialists, and service 3x media clients across 6x brands active in 10x markets while managing the workload and talent development of an Account Executive.

Aimee is primarily responsible for building and maintaining all paid media plans that our clients receive and reconcile monthly. She leads all central UK and local market specialist briefings, reviewing and QA-ing their proposals and refining their supporting rationale before presenting to Kellogg’s for feedback/approval. In addition, Aimee manages the campaign setup and trafficking process, ensuring that campaign parameters are accurate and that all creative assets are received according to each channel’s designated SLA, so that all paid media activity launches on schedule. Aimee monitors channel/platform performance against our set KPIs throughout each campaign, recommending optimizations when required to ensure top performance and full delivery.

She leads our weekly client status call, each week reviewing quarterly planning/implementation/reporting priorities for all brands/markets/channels, outlining internal and external deadlines, flagging any issues that may arise and following up with Kellogg’s for anything outstanding.

And in the six months of Aimee’s employment with Carat UK, she has already been recognized internally and externally for her efforts:

Carat UK Shoutouts (weekly newsletter recognizing great work):

“Aimee’s ability to step up and lead client call is fantastic, confident, and professional; she is also an absolute star when it comes to managing client expectations.”

Nessa Carson, Kellogg’s EMEA Media Manager says:

Aimee Carpenter is a superb performer who embodies all that we look for in terms of solid agency collaboration. Aimee is a highly competent, responsive, and dependable partner with a positive can-do attitude. Her combination of media expertise, energy and agility means she can keep all the plates spinning with ease, no easy task across our very busy portfolio. Aimee’s future career is looking very bright!”