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Past Webinars

With Google Chrome set to follow Safari and Firefox in pulling the plug on third-party cookies, we will soon lose the primary tech system that tracks identity across the open web. How can marketers prepare for the loss of audience tracking, measurement and attribution built on top of that identity?

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As we come out of the Covid crisis, environmental and social issues will return to the top of the agenda for many CEOs, particularly in light of November’s COP26 summit. How can businesses establish a sustainability strategy that is original, authentic and makes commercial sense?

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The World Media Group hosted a fascinating webinar where our highly knowledgeable panel of editors from around the globe discussed what impact the US Elections will have on businesses around the world.

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The World Media Group hosted a fascinating webinar where our highly knowledgeable panel of judges and Grand Prix winners from The World Media Awards 2020 discussed how to create a winning campaign and gave a deeper understanding of the Award winners.

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As we start to think about life after COVID-19, The World Media Group’s third webinar in the series examined what’s next for businesses and brands. How can they survive and evolve as we come out of the crisis into a world challenged by economic recovery?

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The World Media Group hosted an extremely enlightening and thought provoking webinar that gave a lot of insight into how different parts of the world are responding to the pandemic and reactions about what life beyond COVID-19 will be like.

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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented responses. Brand safety is a key issue for advertisers, but in the light of COVID-19, how can we evolve the brand safety discussion to ensure appropriate advertising in a time of crisis?

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