Time Inc’s Rupert Turnbull: ‘We haven’t made it easy enough for advertisers’

November 14, 2016

Time Inc’s vice president EMEA Rupert Turnbull tells M&M Global why he believes brands are returning to a conversation about context.

Content is everywhere; it is the buzzword at the heart of discussions around global media. With the right levels of investment, views and impressions can be secured on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. But is that enough to make an impact with consumers?

Traditional publishers are hopeful that the winds of change are set to drive advertisers away from an addiction to big numbers and towards a recognition of the importance of context.

That is the key message being shared by Rupert Turnbull, vice president EMEA of Time Inc and president of the World Media Group. Speaking to M&M Global at the launch of this year’s World Media Awards, Turnbull argues that a context of original journalism can help advertisers to improve reader engagement and preference. Read the full interview