The Top 5 Issues that keep senior brand marketers up at night

July 21, 2021

The Top 5 Issues that keep senior brand marketers up at night

Our newly formed Brand Advisory Board came together for a thought-provoking session this week. The group comprises key influencers in high-level leadership roles covering industry sectors such as energy, finance, luxury & lifestyle, technology and travel. Before the session, we asked each person to share what they felt were the main pain points brands are experiencing so that we could better understand how the World Media Group can support them. Here, in no particular order, are the top 5 issues currently keeping senior brand marketers up at night:

  1. More opportunities, fewer resources

The pressure and tension of having an increasing number of channels to evaluate while having to contend with less budget and fewer staff.

  • Data and targeting uncertainties

The lack of accuracy around third-party data and the need to understand more about what the cookie-less future may look like.

  • Developing creative content

A desire to bring back some of the creativity that’s been lost in the recent chase for clicks and numbers.

  • Brand vs performance marketing

The battle for budget between short-term campaigns that generate immediate leads and quick ROI, versus longer-term brand building.

  • Benchmarking and measurement around content in traditional media

Redefining benchmarks and best practice around branded content within trusted media brand environments to demonstrate the clear benefits over social media and digital-only platforms.

The World Media Group is looking forward to working closely with our Brand Advisory Board members over the next year to tackle some of these issues, and we’ll provide actionable insight into many of the topics above here on the website.