The Possibilities are Becoming Endless

January 10, 2018

Starcom’s Jodie Stranger on guiding clients through the complexity of data and creative tech, what media agencies bring to content creation and co-chairing the WMA jury.

With the seemingly endless possibilities presented by new platforms, touchpoints and tech, media agencies are finding themselves in the middle of a precarious balancing act when it comes to developing content strategies. For Jodie Stranger, Starcom UK group CEO and president of global network clients EMEA, there’s a sweet spot for clients who are both excited and overwhelmed by options.
Data-powered dynamic advertising, personalised programmatic, live streaming, VR, PR, chatbots… there are a lot of rabbit holes to tumble down, but each option brings its own practical challenges in terms of production, scheduling, juggling assets – and those challenges multiply as campaigns roll out across different international markets.
“I speak to more and more clients who love the thought of all the opportunities that can come with technology and how data and creativity can fuel all those solutions… but at the same time, stitching it all together can be a headache and quite a lot of responsibility – and a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears for the agency and the client. So I think [you need to find] that balance where you can drive that brilliant work without completely burdening the folks who have to deliver that.”
That balance is something that Jodie will be looking out for when she judges the World Media Awards in Spring. This year Jodie is a co-Chair of the jury.
“It will be interesting to see how the work that is presented is bringing forward all the merit that it should be in terms of business outcomes, creativity, smart use of data and tech but is also simple and is not overly complex in its execution and in the consumers’ ability to engage with it and engage with the brand. I look forward to seeing how that pans out.”
The awards specifically looks at content-driven advertising that has been targeted to at least four countries, something that’s particularly relevant to Jodie right now. At Starcom, they’ve been reorganising their client teams so that local market talent and international talent can work more closely together.