Winner 2022Automotive BrandVolkswagenEntered by:PHD GermanyCreditsTwitch, DDB/VoltageThe New Polo Challenger Series: Conquering New StadiumsThe Challenge As a result of the pandemic, life shifted more to the home and consequently also to the digital world. Many people's media consumption has changed accordingly. Younger people in particular are almost no longer accessible via traditional media. And many of [...]
Shortlisted 2020Automotive BrandVolkswagenEntered by:PHD Global BusinessCredits:DDB BerlinVolkswagen - For The Many, Not The Few - The ID.3The Challenge Democratisation starts with Volkswagen's name which translates to 'the people's car'. The Beetle brought an affordable high-quality model to the masses, followed by the Golf's affordable technology, and now they hope to bring e-mobility to the many, [...]