HIGHLY COMMENDED 2016TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandAIRBNBLead AgencySTARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUPNIGHT ATThe Challenge At the beginning, Airbnb was 3 friends renting an air mattress in a flat in San Francisco. It is now a $25bn company with 1 million hosts looking after 60million guests a year. This represents 2m listings in 34,000 cities in over 190 countries worldwide. [...]
Shortlisted 2016Financial Services BrandUBSLead AgencySTARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUPLIFE'S QUESTIONSThe Challenge In 2008 the Global Crisis changed banking forever and UBS was hit hard. By 2015 it had been through a significant strategic transformation and confidence and respect was beginning to return to the business. UBS wanted to signal this transformation showing the world that it had changed. After [...]