SHORTLISTED 2017MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT BrandMCDONALDSLead AgencyOMDMCDONALD’S PLAYER ESCORTS AT EURO 2016The Challenge Despite low appropriateness perceptions, McDonald’s does have a unique property, true to the brand’s DNA of family, inclusivity and fun: the Player Escort programme that gives children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the heart of biggest football events and walk out on the pitch hand-in-hand [...]
SHORTLISTED 2017MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT BrandTHE WALT DISNEY COMPANYLead AgencyOMDTHE MAGIC OF DISNEY JUNIORThe Challenge Disney Junior is a highly successful TV channel operating across Europe, aimed at pre-school children. Successful shows such as Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and The Lion Guard deliver both ratings and huge levels of licensing revenue and product sales. But as [...]
Shortlisted 2016TRAVEL & TOURISM BrandHILTONLead AgencyOMDBE A WEEKENDERThe Challenge Despite Hilton being the most famous hotel in the world, especially for business customers, there was a need to increase the number of guests staying at the weekend, therefore encouraging prospective customers to think of Hilton as being more than a business hotel. The challenge facing the brand [...]
Shortlisted 2016Financial Services BrandVISALead AgencyOMD CHINARENTAL BIKEThe Challenge As Visa was not top of mind for Chinese Visa card holders, we needed to directly make Visa noticed in China, especially amongst outbound travelers, to increase overseas transactions. Visa faced intense competition from Chinese payment method, UnionPay, when it came to transactions overseas. UnionPay dominated the market for [...]
Shortlisted 2016Automotive BrandRENAULTLead AgencyOMDKADJAR COMPANION APPThe Challenge With the launch of the Renault KADJAR crossover vehicle, Renault wanted to strengthen their relationship with drivers and drive accessory sales within uran emerging markets. We saw an opportunity to exploit a disconnect, in those particular markets, between owners of off-road vehicles and enthusiasts. If we could instil a passion [...]