Shortlisted 2019FINANCIAL SERVICES BrandUBSEntered by:SparkfoundryCredits:New York Times, T Brand Studio & MashableLinking Values to InvestingThe Challenge In 2017, UBS launched a successful global campaign focused on driving awareness of “Sustainable Investing.” However, by the end of the year, the competitive landscape had become heavily saturated with this relatively new theme. It was quickly becoming harder [...]
Winner 2017FINANCIAL SERVICES BrandUBSLead AgencyMEDIAVEST | SPARKContributing CompanyNEW YORK TIMES, BLOOMBERGUBS BRAND RELAUNCHThe Challenge In 2008 the global economy faced its most dangerous crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. UBS restructured and, in a bid to stand apart from their competition, repositioned as 'modern', 'human' and 'different'. Our challenge was to convince a risk [...]