Hugh Langley is a Senior Correspondent at Business Insider where he writes about Google and other tech topics, including artificial intelligence and how Silicon Valley billionaires are spending their wealth. He is based in London.
Internationally awarded designer and hands-on futurist with over 15 years of experience on meaningful innovation, sustainability, and AI ethics R&D to support brands with Emerging tech Adoption. Former MIT Media Lab Europe Researcher widely featured in museums and publications worldwide. She is currently Director of Emerging Tech and Innovation at Dow Jones Live, creating the [...]
Yasmeen Serhan is a London-based staff writer at TIME, where she covers foreign affairs with an emphasis on the future of democracies and rising authoritarianism around the world. Prior to joining TIME in 2022, Yasmeen was a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covered populism and nationalism from the magazine’s London bureau, which she [...]
Faisal is a multi award-winning economic and financial journalist who appears across BBC News and is one of the presenters of Newsnight. Previously he served as Political Editor at Sky News and held positions as Economics Correspondent at The Observer and Economics Editor for Channel 4 News, before joining the BBC in 2019. During his [...]
Spriha has been a journalist for over a decade and half and has been involved in the coverage of big events such as the after-effects of the global financial crisis, Brexit, U.S. elections and Donald Trump’s presidency, coronavirus pandemic and its impact across the world. Prior to joining Insider, Spriha was the Deputy Digital News Editor for CNBC International in [...]
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