Q&A with Neil Wirasinha, SVP International Advertising Media, Universal Pictures

January 11, 2018

Q&A with Neil Wirasinha, SVP International Advertising Media at Universal Pictures and also a judge for the World Media Awards which are now open for entries UNTIL 25TH JANUARY 2018. You can enter here.

General questions

Q: What are you hoping for most when you judge the awards?
Neil: Real creativity in media – not a just placement of great creative, but the insight and process that delivers the right message in the right environment

Q: What advice can you give potential entrants for creating a winning entry?
Neil: Always know your strategy and how to execute it

Content/native advertising questions

Q: What is the role of the media agency in content-driven advertising?
Neil: Inherently know the audience you are trying to connect with, know how to have a compelling content relationship and how to measure the success and how to learn and repeat the process.

Q: What role does social media play in content-driven advertising campaigns?
Neil: Social is a powerful connection with your customer and its important to try an understand its role and what it informs your about your customers. Be do not accept all data points as being equal some have a more direct influence than others. Understanding and evolving this dynamic is important

International planning questions

Q: What three pieces of advice would you give a brand about to embark on a branded content campaign that needs to work across multiple countries/regions?
Neil: One size does not fit all, but similarities do exist

Q: How do you balance planning and implementation of cross-border branded content campaigns between ‘local’ offices and ‘head office’?
Neil: Both have a role and it depends on the insights, ambition and content journey both HQ and Local teams are focussed on. The broader strategic thinking is often more central led and local markets are always best placed to maximise tactical thinking. The blend and phasing of both is important

About you

Q: Your favourite film?
Neil: The Goonies

Q:Your favourite app for work? And for leisure/personal use?
Neil: Citymapper

Q:Your favourite drink?
Neil: Japanese Whisky