Q&A with Jorg Dietzel, Head of Creative / Sales Media, Audi AG

January 11, 2018

Jorg Dietzel, Head of Creative / Sales Media at Audi AG and also a judge for the World Media Awards which are now open for entries UNTIL 25TH JANUARY 2018. You can enter here.

General questions:

Q: Why should agencies/advertisers enter the World Media Awards?
Jorg: For recognition of their work and to win clients and talent.

Q: What are you hoping for most when you judge the awards?
Jorg: To be inspired by great ideas.

Q: What advice can you give potential entrants for creating a winning entry?
Jorg: Make it relevant, original, impactful.

Content/native advertising questions

Q: What are the most important factors to consider when creating content-led advertising? (e.g. story, relevance, length of content, type of content, media partner)?
Jorg: Create a story with a global truth, be authentic, push it in different platforms.

Q: What is the role of the media agency in content-driven advertising?
Jorg: To identify the right platform and the right amount of seeding.

Q: Podcasts are having a ‘golden moment’ in content-driven advertising. What’s driving their ascendance?
Jorg: Easy to listen to on the move.

Q: Repeatable content is a big trend right now – so how do you create a campaign that will bring consumers back again and again? And do brands need to start thinking and budgeting differently to sustain this kind of ongoing content creation, rather than using the traditional campaign model?
Jorg:  Put the brand first, think about what the core of the brand is and plan long-term. Once you have found a story, stick with it.Content needs to be able to attract audience’s attention, not simply disrupt and annoy. What’s the key to truly engaging content?’ Authentic, surprising, human stories.

Q: Content-driven marketing is often associated with higher volumes of content but often lower production budgets than traditional advertising – how do you achieve great content without compromising craft?
Jorg: It’s all about the idea and what level of execution the idea needs.

Q: What are the challenges to advertisers/agencies of creating content-led advertising campaigns that work across a number of competitive media owners? How can they overcome them? And should media owners collaborate more to grow their overall share of content?
Jorg: The challenge is definitely achieving impact – even great content needs to be seen and heard. To fully trust in organic reach isn’t enough.

QHow do you measure success when it comes to content-driven advertising?
Jorg: Engagement through clicks, sharing, feedback.

Q: What role does social media play in content-driven advertising campaigns?
Jorg:  Probably the most authentic and credible platform.

Q: With so many new content platforms and formats available, how do you make branded content campaigns work across a variety of different platforms?
Jorg: Develop the idea first and then understand the rules of the platform and adapt the creative accordingly.

International planning questions

Q: What three pieces of advice would you give a brand about to embark on a branded content campaign that needs to work across multiple countries/regions?
Jorg: Check if the idea is truly a human truth that will travel globally. Look at where your targets are and choose channels accordingly. Push the content with media, at least initially.

Q: How do you balance planning and implementation of cross-border branded content campaigns between ‘local’ offices and ‘head office’?
Jorg: Ideas can come from anywhere, the market or the head office. It’s about recognizing its potential and then make it available to the markets by supplying it rights-free, for example. Make it as easy as possible (regarding money, timing) for markets to use.

Q: What is the key to finding a content marketing idea that can translate across borders?
Jorg: Have an international team that can judge suitability, have an international agency.

Q: What do you need to look for in your media partner(s) when planning an international content-driven advertising campaign?
Jorg: Global reach. Clever targeting. Innovative formats.

About you

Q: Your dream holiday destination?
Jorg: Singapore.

Q: Your favourite band/artist?
Jorg: Queen.

Q: Your favourite film?
Jorg: A Single Man.

Q: Your favourite TV series?
Jorg: Suits.

Q: Your favourite app for work? And for leisure/personal use?
Jorg: Facebook for both.

Q: Who are your creative heroes and why?
Jorg: Neil French, John Hegarty. Both inspired me.

Q: Your favourite restaurant or bar?
Jorg: Vault82 in Seoul.

Q: Your favourite meal?
Jorg: Japanese.

Q: Your favourite drink?
Jorg: Gin and Tonic.

Q: Your guilty pleasure?
Jorg: Long Haul flights in business class with champagne, movies and a good book.