Q&A with Deborah Perrot, Media Manager, IBM Europe

January 11, 2018

Q&A with Deborah Perrot, Media Manager at IBM Europe and also a judge for the World Media Awards which are now open for entries UNTIL 25TH JANUARY 2018. You can enter here.

General Questions

Q: Why should agencies/advertisers enter the World Media Awards?
Deborah: Because it is an opportunity for both introspection on the reasons for the choice of strategy, and also the occasion to learn from others.

Q: What are you hoping for most when you judge the awards?
Deborah: To be surprised. To see for example an approach which might at first seem unexpected for a particular advertiser, but in fact delivered good results.

Content/native advertising questions

Q: Content needs to be able to attract audience’s attention, not simply disrupt and annoy. What’s the key to truly engaging content?
Deborah: It must arrest the viewer and provoke a reaction of curiosity – ah, I didn’t know that, I’d like to know more.It should be delivered on the appropriate device at the most opportune time, probably not 10am on Monday morning!

Q: How do you measure success when it comes to content-driven advertising?
Deborah: Through brand awareness studies, uplift in recognition, interest in doing business with, likelihood to recommend, or number of shares and engagement.

International planning questions

Q: How do you balance planning and implementation of cross-border branded content campaigns between ‘local’ offices and ‘head office’?
Deborah: Must be complementary and bring something in addition which reinforces the local message. Planning is key with regards to timing in order to optimise presence.

Q: What is the key to finding a content marketing idea that can translate across borders?
Deborah: Humour is universal, and also stories with a positive outcome for the underdog.

Q: What do you need to look for in your media partner(s) when planning an international content-driven advertising campaign?
Deborah: Not just the usual requirements such as reach and affinity, but also a willingness to try something new. Tracking is key.

About you

Q: Your dream holiday destination?
Deborah: The Ladakh for the space and tranquillity.

Q: Your favourite band/artist?
Deborah: Massive Attack, Muddy Waters.

Q: Your favourite app for work? And for leisure/personal use?
Deborah: Yuka. Scans food products and gives you an analysis of the quality, including sugar, fibre, protein, fat, salt / 100g