Q&A with Alex Altman, Managing Director, Global Solutions, London, MEC

January 19, 2017

Alex has over 20 years media experience having worked at some of the industries biggest and most successful agencies.

He joined Global Solutions as London Managing Director in June 2013. This 150 strong team are responsible for managing our multi-national clients across the EMEA region and are heavily involved in all regional new business opportunities. Global Solutions is a full service team including specialists in strategy, digital, research, analytics and client Servicing.

Why should agencies/advertisers enter the World Media Awards?
Alex: The WMAwards are the leading International awards seeking to recognise cross border, content oriented work. It is the best opportunity we have to judge ourselves against our peers

What will you be looking for from the entries?/What will make a winning entry?/What does great branded content look like?
Alex: A well written story that clearly links the idea to the client’s business challenge. And some results would be nice!

Why should advertisers use branded content – what is it best suited to achieve?
Alex: It provides greater scope than advertising can. Both are useful and powerful but increasingly one needs the other. Branded Content gives a platform to tell a deeper story and to draw consumers in to your brand

What are the challenges and opportunities of integrating branded content across different platforms – from print to video, from mobile to TV?
Alex: The challenge (opportunity) is that each platform and media is consumed differently – short form, long form, lean in, lean back etc – so it is incredibly important to develop content specific to the channel

How difficult is it to reflect the style and quality of a publication with native content – especially when creating international campaigns? Are many advertisers achieving quality journalistic standards?
Alex: Impossible, that’s why successful work is almost always done in collaboration with the publication – no one knows their brand like they do.

Describe your ideal client.
Alex: Challenging, happy to debate, sometimes says thank you

What is your favourite restaurant?
Alex: Villa Bianca, Hampstead

Finally, who would play you in a movie of your life?
Alex: Ben Stiller – tall, Jewish and sometimes wear’s glasses

Deadline for entries 16th February 2017 – ENTER NOW