Interview with Tanya Robinson

December 11, 2018

Tanya Robinson, Global Brand Director at the National Geographic will join us on the jury for the World Media Awards 2019, and ahead of this, we asked her what she consider to be the core challenges and opportunities facing international content-driven advertising.

WMA: Why do you think it’s important to benchmark and celebrate great international advertising strategies?

TR: It’s important to recognise pan-regional campaigns with great strategies that showcase well thought of, insightful and purpose-driven initiatives. These then help create benchmarks for other campaigns or partnerships to aspire towards.

WMA: As a judge, what are you hoping to see in the entries to the World Media Awards?

TR: Entries that make you sit back and think – that gives you an ‘AHA!’ moment since they’re unique and well-researched.

WMA: For brands in the automotive sector, what are the particular challenges when targeting an international or cross-border audience?

TR: This is just a cluttered market with all automotives now talking about being electric.

It’s important to understand what the key USP is, what the main challenge is and if the brand strategy helps solve the challenge in a deep, engaging way.

WMA: Why do you think there has been a growth in content-led advertising communications?

TR: Gone are the day of just 1 message driven piece of communication … now we need to story tell, to immerse the audience in a visually appealing process to take them to the final stage of communication. This doesn’t just immerse the consumer – this helps them understand the what, why and how, thereby building excitement for the brand and engagement for the communication message.

WMA: What do you think are the most important factors to consider when creating content-led advertising?

TR: – The story ( purposeful, strategic, immersive)

        – The audience you’re speaking to (if you don’t understand the target audience your message is lost

       – The platform you’re telling the story on which then dictates the length

WMA: What do you think is the key to truly engaging content?

TR: Understanding your consumer.

WMA: How do you measure success when it comes to content-driven advertising?

TR: The engagement levels.

WMA: What is the killer question an agency/media owner should ask a client to ensure that their content brief is fit for purpose?

TR: What is the KPI of this content partnership? What does success look like to you?

WMA: What advice would you give a brand about to embark on a branded content campaign that needs to work in multiple countries or regions?

TR: Know your objectives. Understand your insights. Engage your audience. Flesh out the content and let it deliver.

WMA: What do you need to look for in your media partner[s] when planning an international content-driven advertising strategy?

TR: What is their footprint in your international campaign? How can you use their distribution to your advantage? Do both brands align in terms of target audience? How relevant and recognised are they to embark on this journey with you?  

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