Interview with Isabelle Lefebvre

We asked Isabelle Lefebvre, Managing Director Global Clients for Zenith Paris, what she considered to be the key factors for success in an international content-led marketing campaign. Isabelle will join us as a juror for the World Media Awards 2019.

WMA: Why do you think it’s important to benchmark and celebrate great international advertising strategies?

IF: International advertising strategies are much more challenging to develop – the level of expectations is much higher. An international campaign is not allowed to fail, as its impact (and therefore the risk) is much higher.

WMA: As a Judge, what are you hoping to see in the entries to the World Media Awards?

IF: I am hoping to discover entries where my peers  – using media, digital and data – have challenged the status quo and traditional agency roles, to deconstruct and rebuild a whole communication strategy.

WMA: For brands in the luxury, lifestyle and fashion sectors, what are the particular challenges when targeting an international or cross-border audience?

IF: Luxury, by essence, provides a personalised experience for customers. Therefore, the challenge for digital media is the seamless integration into this pre-existing brand experience, being respectful of the privacy of the consumer.

WMA: For entries in this category, are there any particular elements you would expect to see in a winning entry?

IF: I would hope to see quantified ROI and business results, so rarely available in this sector.

WMA: What do you think are the most important factors to consider when creating content-led advertising?

IF: For me, it would be alignment with the brand purpose.

WMA: What do you think is the key to truly engaging content?

IF: Understand what consumer needs first – to be entertained, to be useful or to learn something new?

WMA: How do you measure success when it comes to content-driven advertising?

IF: Time spent with content, engagement, capacity to capture more volatile audiences (Millennials) with a volume sufficient to be retargeted at a later stage.

WMA: What is the killer question an agency/media owner should ask a client to ensure that their content brief is fit for purpose?

IF: What’s your brand purpose?

WMA: What advice would you give a brand about to embark on a branded content campaign that needs to work in multiple countries or regions?

IF: Invest in a content audit in key markets before, and start early.

WMA: What distinguishes the “international” target audience from “domestic” audiences – and how granular can you be in your targeting?

IF: Planning for an international audience requires you to ask yourself three questions: who are we targeting and also where; and where is the budget funding from?

WMA: What do you need to look for in your media partner[s] when planning an international content-driven advertising strategy?

IF: Their capacity to understand the client business challenges and their flexibility.

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