How to Cross Borders with Content

January 5, 2018

A selection of personal and professional insights from James Shoreland, Chief Client Officer at Initiative, IAA board member and World Media Awards judge.

The World Media Awards are now open for entries until 25the January 2018. You can enter here. One of the judges this year is James Shoreland, Chief Client Officer at the media agency Initiative and a board member of the International Advertising Association’s UK chapter.
Here are some quick thoughts and words of advice to potential entrants on what makes for great cross-border, content-driven advertising campaigns, plus a little bit of insight into what makes him tick.
About content:
LBB> What are you hoping for most when you judge the World Media Awards?
JS> To see jargon-free simplicity of thought, executed brilliantly.
LBB> What advice can you give potential entrants for creating a winning entry? 
JS> Keep to the brutal simplicity of the insight, its relationship to the strategy and the execution borne out of that.
LBB> What are the most important factors to consider when creating content-led advertising? 
JS> Cultural relevance, cultural relevance and cultural relevance.