The Future of Work (within advertising)

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Date: March 21, 2023

Location: Investec

This event is in the past.

Covid changed the workplace forever with businesses accepting that hybrid working is here to stay. Many have applauded the benefits, so why is the advertising industry failing to attract, retain and motivate new talent?

Could it be that the industry’s work hard / play hard attitude doesn’t align with the new ways of working? Pre-pandemic, long hours and tough deadlines were balanced out by team camaraderie and social interaction. With the new hybrid model, it’s all the work without the payoff.

The Chair is Spriha Srivastava, UK Bureau Chief & International Executive Editor, Insider

Our panellists including Suki Thompson – Founder Let’s Reset & Exec Dir Xeim/Oystercatchers, Ally Owen – Founder of ADcademy and the Brixton Finishing School and Alex Wood – Managing Director, Forbes EMEA will discuss:

  • How to attract a more diverse, inclusive workforce – particularly in junior and mid-weight roles where there are huge gaps
  • Retaining and upskilling your current talent
  • Creating a healthy work culture
  • Does the industry need a rebrand? How can we get rid of its elitist personae?
  • How do we attract more talent to the industry as a whole – could a recruitment drive led, for example, by an advertising campaign shift the needle?

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Alex Wood

Managing Director

Forbes EMEA

Spriha Srivastava

UK Bureau Chief & International Editor


Ally Owen


ADcademy & The Brixton Finishing School

Jim Brown


Ground + Air