Finalist 2023

Rising Star

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Rosie Duckworth

The Elevator Pitch

It’s hard to think of something for which Rosie would not stand out for. Impressing us right from the interview process, Rosie keeps shining for her brightness, curiosity and dedication to the work, her clients and her team. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic have led her to become a rising star within her team as well as in the agency. UM are lucky to have her.

The Nomination

Rosie has been an integral part of the UM International team for about one year now, joining after university as an Account Executive. From the start, she has shined for her eagerness to learn and get involved, leading each task with extreme diligence and demonstrating an incredible work ethic. While Rosie’s contributions span across multiple accounts, she has recently played a vital role in launching a multi-market, multi-channel campaign for one of our biggest clients; Accenture. The launch was no easy feat, as it came at a time where team capabilities were reduced, but Rosie brilliantly managed the process and ensured a smooth and timely launch. Here are some of the highlights:
• Coordinated the delivery of 200+ assets from the production agency to media partners and local teams, all in a very organised manner, while also troubleshooting any issues;
• Led tagging and trafficking with the ad operations team, ensuring adherence to Accenture’s complex and strict tracking processes;
• Maintained clients informed of status throughout the launch week, pre-empting questions and providing proofs of launch.
Rosie achieved all of this while continuing to work on her other client’s day to day, as well as contributing to the company’s yearly Outlook 2023 report, which she then brilliantly presented in a company-wide regional webinar on the same week as the launch.
Thanks to her outstanding performance, Rosie has been receiving praise from colleagues and clients alike and we would love for her hard work and dedication to receive this wider recognition!