Bumper episode of The Media Navigators podcast out now! Exploring Creative Content: Combining timely trends with tried and true tactics

February 22, 2022

Creative Content: Combining timely trends with tried-and-true tactics

This month we have a bumper episode of the Media Navigators podcast with three media innovators talking about creativity in their respective areas of expertise: Alex Wood, Managing Director, Forbes Europe; Damian Douglas, Managing Director EMEA, TIME, and current president of the World Media Group; and Raquel Bubar, Managing Director, T Brand Studio International at The New York Times.

The lively discussion, chaired by Belinda Barker, Chief Executive of the World Media Group, covers everything from embracing the latest trends to revisiting and refreshing some tried and tested approaches to content to engage audiences more effectively, including:

  • Why we’re not likely to experience virtual event fatigue and how hybrid events are enabling a broader audience to have a seat at the table.
  • Why the newsletter is still one of the best ways to develop a deeper relationship with specific audiences – if you get the content right.
  • Cutting through the ‘Google news noise’: Why audiences are now looking for deeper, analytical reads.
  • Using data around audience interaction to inform the newsroom, as well the advertising department.
  • Is there true value in it for advertisers in the metaverse or is it just a ‘catch all’ label for the existing technologies that haven’t quite reached their potential?

The Creative Content episode is available to listen to here or on your usual podcast platform now.