Working Groups

Executive Board

Buddhika Amis

Chris Porter

Chris Woodall

Damian Douglas

Emma Winchurch-Beale

Kali Palmer

Nigel Robinson

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board Group ensures we have the right balance of people on both our Advisory Boards and that we’re providing engaging programmes that reflect the needs of the industry.

Alexandra Delamain

Chris O’Neill

Craig Webb

Emma Winchurch-Beale

Jemima Villanueva


The Finance Group ensures that members subscriptions are spent wisely and advises on the future financial stability of the WMG.

Buddhika Amis

Damian Douglas

Samantha Adams

Content & Events

The Content Group ensures our Briefings and Events are interesting, relevant and on point, with a strong line-up of high calibre speakers.

Arif Durrani

Hannah Last

Chris Woodall

Chris Walker

Katya Ionova

Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership Group drives the strategy to promote the WMG and its members as experts in their field, sharing insightful advice and opinion with the industry.

James Davies

Julian Staples

Natasha Bernard

Rupert Turnbull

Inclusion & Engagement

The Inclusion and Engagement Group examines our policies to ensure best practice, both within the WMG and the wider industry.

Georgina Marshall

Jemima Villanueva

Neelam Cartmell

Preya Shah


The Marketing Group is responsible for overseeing the effectiveness of the WMG’s marketing programmes and ensuring our messaging is coherent and consistent.

Charles Miller

Andy Hall

Louisa Goujon

Kali Palmer

Buddhika Amis