Moat Analytics Reveal that Quality Journalism Eclipses Industry Benchmarks for Attention

July 18, 2019

Moat Analytics Reveal that Quality Journalism Eclipses Industry Benchmarks for Attention

Analysis released today by the World Media Group (WMG), a strategic alliance of the world’s premium media brands, confirms that advertising campaigns viewed within a trusted editorial environment are yielding significantly better results for attention and viewability than the industry standard. Independent analysis from SAAS analytics and measurement firm, Moat, shows that premium digital inventory running across the World Media Group’s brands in Q3 2018 outperformed Moat’s benchmarks by between 13% and 144%.

The analysis measured the quality of engagement delivered by WMG brands across Display Desktop, Mobile Web and Video Desktop.

Display Desktop: Display ads viewed on desktop across WMG inventory achieved an active page dwell time of 66 seconds, 39% higher than the industry average. The In-view rate (where 50% of the ad is viewable for 1 second) and In-view time both exceeded Moat’s benchmark by 27% and 25% respectively.

Mobile Display: WMG inventory also performed well on mobile encouraging 35% more interactions than average. Viewability rates were 32% higher than the benchmark and engaged consumers for 13% longer.

Video Desktop*: Desktop videos viewed across WMG inventory achieve 22% higher than average rates for viewability (where 50% of the ad is viewable for 2 seconds). Consumer attention to videos was also high, with audible and visible completion rates coming in a staggering 144% higher than the Moat Q3 2108 benchmarks.

The impact of poor quality journalism and fake news over the last couple of years has made consumers much more savvy about where they go to for information,” said Alex Delamain, Chair of the World Media Group and SVP, Head of Sales & Client Services, EMEA, The Economist. “Trusted editorial sources including the titles in the WMG’s portfolio have experienced a positive boost as a result; we’re now seeing a halo effect, translating into a more engaged audience for advertisers. The Moat analysis underscores what we have long believed – that consumers are more receptive to advertising when it’s presented within an environment of high quality content that they trust.”

The World Media Group has also announced that Business Insider-owned by Insider Inc. has joined the WMG alliance. Pete Spande, CRO of Insider Inc. said, “As Business Insider continues to expand its global reach and impact, we’re pleased to join the WMG alliance, whose important mission is to promote quality in both journalism and the advertising needed to support it.”

The Moat data is based on analysing desktop, mobile and video advertising campaigns running in Q3 2018 across the following World Media Group brands: The Atlantic, Bloomberg Media Group, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Reuters, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

The in-depth results from the Moat analysis are as follows:

Measure/Benchmark World Media Group Lift compared to Moat Q3 Benchmarks
Display Desktop Industry Active Page Dwell Time (secs) 66s +39%
Display Desktop Industry In-view Rate (50% for 1 second) 72% +27%
Display Desktop Industry In-view Time 35s +25%
Mobile Web Universal Touch Rate 12.7% +35%
Mobile Web Industry In-View Rate (50% for 1 second) 67.3% +32%
Mobile Web Industry In-View Time (secs) 19.5s +13%
Video Desktop Industry In-View Rate (50% for 2 seconds) 75.2% +22%
Video Desktop Industry Audible and Visible Complete Rate 53.6% +144%*

*Desktop video numbers are based on five WMG publishers – Bloomberg, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Time and Fortune – which had video inventory running during Q3 2018 when Moat’s analysis took place and therefore represents a smaller sample than on the other platforms.

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About the World Media Group:
The World Media Group is a strategic alliance of the world’s leading media brands which incorporates The Atlantic, Bloomberg Media Group, Business Insider, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Reuters, The New York Times, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and associate members: Moat, Smartology and The Smithsonian. Its aim is to promote award-winning journalism and the role of international media. Visit for further information.


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