Predicting the Future 2020 – Paris

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Date: November 14, 2019


This event is in the past.

PLEASE JOIN THE INTERNATIONALS ASSOCIATION and the members of the WORLD MEDIA GROUP for our annual breakfast briefing when our editorial experts look to the future and predict what will be happening around the globe in 2020.

At this Breakfast Briefing we will be joined by 4 of the world’s leading editors and journalists, who will be sharing insights on what we can expect in 2020 and the key issues that will shape the industry.  What will be the key consumer and business trends to watch out for, could it be:

  • World Politics – Brexit and US Elections
  • Digital Future – AI…. Impact on the workforce
  • Data protection – who will be the winners and losers
  • The rise of populism – does journalistic integrity matter in a world of fake and user generated news
  • Sustainability & Climate change – are we too late?

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