Finalist 2023

Rising Star

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Tilman Henschke

The Elevator Pitch

Ever wished you could hire someone straight out of university who can take whatever you throw at him head on? We discovered that person in Tilman. He embraces new challenges and consistently leverages his knowledge to add value and interest to his role. From Account Management, to Data Analyst and ultimately to Strategist – his positive attitude, combined with his natural intelligence, curiosity and humility, allows him to tackle any task and completely go beyond expectations.

The Nomination

Tilman has taken Crossmedia’s “Boutique at Scale” approach to a whole new level, ensuring that all work produced is tailored to clients and their objectives, resulting in the best possible outcomes while also challenging them to think differently. His thorough work for S&P Global includes analyzing brand measurement studies and continuously adapting and refining details to help marketers demonstrate the value of paid advertising. With his ability to anticipate questions and trends, Tilman always has explicit answers as well as being thought-provoking. This, coupled with his seamless communication with the account team, helped secure additional funding for paid media and delivered impressive results to the clients.

Tilman’s ability to think outside the box is ingrained in his approach. He never solely relies on his existing knowledge or usual tools, but instead pushes boundaries to discover data that best fits the requirements of each account. When working on a brand-new remittance account, he impressed clients by using unconventional tools like the national census to create highly granular audience segments. His knowledge about their audience surpassed that of individuals who had worked on the business for years. Additionally, Tilman developed a strategic opportunity and an elaborate communications framework, effectively setting up the campaign for success.