Finalist 2023

Rising Star

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Sakshi Bhambhani

The Elevator Pitch

Since joining OMD EMEA in 2021, Sakshi has been crucial in driving digital transformation for OMD’s global clients.

Beyond Data and Tech, she is passionate about people and culture and has developed agency-wide training promoting DEI solutions and comprehensive onboarding programs for graduates entering the media world.

Sakshi is at the core of OMD EMEA’s success and, in 2022, won an agency award for ‘Best Client Impact’ and was named the agency’s Most Valuable Player.

The Nomination

Sakshi joined the international OMD team as Senior Manager in 2021, after moving from India to London during the Pandemic. Since then, she has elevated agency and client profiles by translating her passion points around people, culture, Data, and Tech into tangible business outcomes.

Her impact speaks for itself.

Within a year, she was promoted to Digital Director, was named the agency’s MVP (Most Valuable Player), and also received an award for ‘Best Client Impact’ after opening new revenue workstreams that are producing excellent results.

Sakshi’s biggest brand impacts include:
• Setting up the global brand advertising model for a key FMCG player, codifying ways of working and deploying the best practices for 150+ countries worldwide.
• Designing and scaling an extensive test-and-learn framework for >15 countries, compounding learnings across the region, and minimising wasted benefits by 30%.
Other achievements include:
• Co-creating intuitive, user-friendly tech solutions within Omnicom’s propriety tech stack.
• Representing digital and client teams on the Omni council – a team dedicated to enhancing the usage of Omnicom’s industry-leading tech solutions across EMEA.
• Creating an automated workflow, capturing her clients’ end-to-end global planning process, and enhancing data-led output across the region.

Beyond advertising, Sakshi is passionate about people, and recently led a comprehensive training program for graduates entering the media world. She has also mentored four female graduates with their career planning.
Additionally, Sakshi is part of a team developing and delivering agency-wide training programs on DEI and the role media agencies can play in driving the DEI agenda across Europe.