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Economist Impact

Profiles Of Progress

The Challenge

Kyndryl is a technology services company that design, build, manage and modernise mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on every day. As a newly launched brand, it was important to raise awareness and give the brand a unique voice.

What matters most to Kyndryl are its people and the outcomes – big and small – they deliver for customers every day. Behind every engagement, there’s a team of professionals who are co-creating with customers.

The challenge is to build, elevate and strengthen Kyndryl’s reputation – spotlight Kyndryl as leaders in propagating a human-centred approach to innovation and progress in technology.

The Content Solution

Our objective was to create brand awareness, build an emotional connection between Kyndryl and the audience and capture the attention of global influencers and business leaders through thought-leading content.

Taking inspiration from Kyndryl’s brand values of putting its people at the centre of all it does, our content strategy was anchored in bringing this to life in an authentic and engaging way.

Economist Impact and Kyndryl launched – Profiles of Progress –  a forward looking thought leadership program around the theme of progress, people-first innovation and more specifically, how Kyndryl and its valued clients are driving positive change. The approach was multi-faceted:

1)      Building an emotional connection through personal, inspired storytelling

We profiled 60+ influential business leaders globally, exploring what progress meant to each of these people across industries and regions. This content series of written articles provided proof points of Kyndryl’s people-first approach, by deepening the connection between the audience and Kyndryl, through people focused storytelling featuring employees and clients.

2)      Adding credibility through primary research and analysis by Economist Impact

The branded series was supported by primary research and analysis by Economist Impact. A survey of 350 corporate leaders across eight different markets in Asia-Pacific was conducted to better understand how companies are rethinking what it means to recover sustainably through the lens of three key areas: talent, technology and the sustainability agenda. The results of which were explored through a 3-part article series.

3)      Custom content hub supported by a targeted amplification strategy

The profile series, complimented by our primary research analysis, were published together on a dedicated content hub. The content featured a mix of audio, written, video and illustrations providing an engaging mix to keep readers engaged throughout the journey.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

Leveraging the trust and credibility influential audiences have with the Economist Impact brand, we amplified the content series across our digital and social media channels, as well as a print advertorial series in The Economist. This multi-channel approach allowed us to reach Economist readers fitting the CTO/ITO/IT-senior business decision maker audience to build maximum engagement.

The amplification plan included:

  • Precisely targeted paid campaign on and across social media
  • Print+digital customised Advertorials to increase reach in APAC, Europe, and the US
  • Customised multimedia designs: carousel, GIFs, videos (full and social cuts), audiograms, banners
  • Strategically designed placement of different ad units and social media assets across the full suite of channels available to maximise traffic, engagement and content consumption

The Result

  • Brand awareness was created through the sponsorship of independent research articles and a co-branded hub. These were amplified through Economist channels for the programme, getting great brand visibility, thanks to a dynamic media plan and collaboration between TEG and Kyndryl.
  • The Profile series (67 profiles published) allowed us to generate human connections and a human-first approach to the Kyndryl brand. This was effective and our content resonated with readers  as we can see strong engagement rate on branded content.
  • A thought-leadership platform for showcasing Kyndryl’s approach that found immediate traction with their most important clients who agreed to be featured, strengthening the relationship between Kyndryl and their clients.
  • A survey of senior business decision makers from a 3rd party research house found that the campaign had a positive impact on Kyndryl’s brand perception, with a brand uplift of 30 percentage points, seeing  Kyndryl as their  “preferred partner on the journey to digital transformation”.

“With Profiles of Progress, we created an innovative platform to engage with Kyndryl’s most relevant clients and celebrate their personal leadership, their values and beliefs, the impact they are making in their companies and the society as a whole. We built a platform to drive advocacy at scale, making the human element – for both Kyndryls and our Clients – a cornerstone of digital transformation projects. It was a very ambitious program, with outcomes that exceeded our expectations on improving awareness and strengthening our relationship with key leaders – thanks to a close partnership with Economist Impact throughout the campaign.”  says Luca Destefanis, Vice President, Marketing of Kyndryl Campaigns & Digital.