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Brand Anthem

The Challenge

The online dating app category is more cluttered than ever. Not only are major global players diversifying their offering and spending more, new apps like ‘Thursday’ in the UK and Fruitz in France are entering the market with localised activations. Coupled with fatigue at the process of dating online, women in particular want to feel that time invested in dates is time well spent. Better connections, a sense of safety throughout the process and empowerment are key to the success in this space, and Bumble is uniquely placed to help women on this journey.

Bumble is women-first, built on the belief that when dating is better for women, it’s better for everyone. We help women achieve the outcomes they’re looking for, whilst taking the pressure off so that they can feel good and stay true to themselves, making dating more enjoyable and fulfilling as a result.

The challenge is cutting through the noise of the category and also diversifying growth audiences for continued growth of the brand. In Q4 2022, Bumble launched the second generation of their global Brand Anthem campaign – a campaign dedicated to bringing the brand ethos to the forefront and reminding women of the excitement dating can have when you have successful matches – flipping the negativity in the category and focusing on empowering action.

Whilst previous comms focused on Millennial women, this campaign expanded comms to include Gen Z women – a cohort craving authenticity, and requiring a bespoke approach. The campaign was activated across EMEA (UKI, DE, AT, CH, FR, NL, ES, Israel) and APAC (ANZ), further requiring localised comms to ensure relevance and to create impact against local players in the category. Finally, seeding this messaging with a clever media strategy built against audiences was critical to maximise our limited budgets.

The Content Solution

Bumble are uniquely placed to tackle dating inertia and celebrate meaningful connections via their empowered dating proposition and their commitment to creating long term relationships versus short term hook ups. The creative concept, ‘Find that Feeling,’ re-ignites that burst of excitement, chemistry, and hope for the future we can all relate to in the dating game. A feeling which can only be attributed to the possibility of a new love interest.

The hero video asset shows the story of a new match on Bumble, discovering shared interests and lifestyles and closes with the pair sharing a kiss. The concept highlights the importance of asking questions and being open and honest to create a meaningful & long-term connection, with Bumble as the facilitator. The creative platform positions Bumble as the catalyst for deep connections by showing how a link on Bumble immediately puts your two worlds in sync, whilst other dating sites might not match you with the right person, this can change when you date on Bumble.

Brand, creative and media worked in sync upfront on the campaign to identify core media channels for our audiences, ideal ad formats and content requirements. Assets included regional and localised variations for all markets, Gen Z specific variations, millennial assets across various diverse relationship types, and consideration driving asset to retarget consumers who had previously engaged with the campaign.
We used a combination of long and short form video assets built for platform, ranging from a 30” hero film to 15” and 6” cut downs for Tik Tok.

Our audio campaign ‘from interest badges to profile prompts’ included audio everywhere and video takeovers on Spotify as well as bespoke podcast host reads via female focussed, relationship focussed shows like Nailing It and The Receipts.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

The campaign lived and evolved over 3 quarters, launching in Q4 ‘22 and running through Q1 & Q2 ‘23. Our media approach was centered around three key media behaviours to deepen the connection with our audience in 2023: ‘Ignite the Spark’, ‘Deepen the Connection’, ‘Make a Move’.

‘Ignite the Spark’ was our initial launch pillar to deliver meaningful awareness and reach in Q4 of 2022, utilising our hero video asset to connect emotionally and establish trust to achieve tactical reach at scale.

In Q1 our focus moved to ‘Deepen the Connection’ building trust and facilitating meaningful connections versus a Gen Z audience. Our approach here was to utilise ATL channels to boost meaningful brand awareness and extend into digital to support at a mid-funnel level, delivering meaningful awareness and consideration at scale.

This all culminated in our Q2 campaigns, which focused on lower funnel action, ‘Make a Move’

Campaign approaches were localised by market whilst keeping the global brand strategy consistent. Our channel mix varied by market, flexing based on audience usage of key media channels. The predominantly video based campaign was primarily activated in the digital environments our audience work and play within. We expanded to channels such as linear TV against tailored programming in markets like France where this channel uniquely over-indexes against our audiences. Audio was key to engaging with our audiences in uncluttered environments.

CTV & VOD allowed us to capitalise on the momentum of post – Christmas activations to capture the January dating buzz, with phasing which aligned with key moments for Q1 such as Valentines Day. To maximise our incremental reach we also included Sky Adsmart and Freevee as test partners based on platform usage insights against our core audiences.

On YouTube the automated sequencing method ensured that audiences were always served the most relevant creative variation for them and allowed us to split between prospecting vs. re-engagement audiences. This sequential approach to targeting allowed us to convert awareness into favourability.

Our audio strategy was based around finding a connection through music. We launched with a two-week high impact burst including bespoke audio tailored to key moments like Valentine’s Day. With Sponsored Sessions Bumble’s video preceded 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening, offering an enhanced streaming experience for our audience . To truly connect in a meaningful way via audio we activated host reads across high affinity lifestyle podcasts to drive deeper engagement and personalise our messaging.

The Result

Across channels, the campaign delivered impressively, meeting or exceeding benchmarks almost across the board.

· Across our key channel Meta, we saw VTRs upward of 39% above benchmark (UK) and efficiencies in CPMs nearly 50% lower (FR) than planned.
· Efficiencies extended across key Gen Z platform TikTok, resulting in over-delivery in reach by 20% (DE) to 50% (UK).
· Video activity across Teads exceeded Lumen attention metrics by 115% (UK).
· Spotify activity not only over-delivered, it also gleaned valuable audience insights for Gen Z vs Millennial audiences across engagement and passion points.
· YouTube campaign efficiencies yielded over-deliveries across the board, as well as proving a valuable testing ground for creative against audiences.

Across our priority markets, we saw Brand Awareness against the ever important Gen Z audience increase 10%+ from December to the end of March, and core Millennial audience by an average of 5% – a huge success in an incredibly cluttered period. Brand Favourability moved several points upward as well (1-2%) by the completion of March, leading into the final phase of the campaign in Q2 ’23.