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Audi Future | 4ward | Sustainability

The Challenge

The climate crisis and sustainability are topics that are front and centre of global conversations, heightened by the increased commitment at COP27 and the Paris Agreement to cut overall greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of keeping the increase in global average temperatures below 1.5 degrees. All sectors are dramatically changing the way they do business and re-evaluating their entire value chain.

The automotive industry is experiencing a monumental shift when it comes to Water stewardship overall, using water in a way that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial, as well as the circular economy and how it’s protecting the planet for future generations. The transition towards a more sustainable automotive industry is a complex challenge that requires collaboration and cooperation across multiple stakeholders. It will require significant investment, innovation, and commitment, but the potential benefits in terms of reduced environmental impact and improved public health and well-being are immense. Can Audi lead the way, influence positive impact to drive change for future generations and show their commitment to sustainable mobility?

The Content Solution

Highlighting the story around Audi’s Water stewardship & Circular Economy, TIME produced two stunning docu-style videos featuring Spencer Reeder (scientist), Philipp Eder &  Lukas Petersik both Project Management Procurement Strategy & Sustainable Supply Chain managers, filmed across two of Audi’s main plants in Germany and Mexico. The videos were amplified by social and on-site amplification and bespoke print advertorials, surfacing Audi’s progressive transformative steps which the videos explore.

Driving engagement for a niche topic, such as the circular economy, can be challenging, however, TIME drew upon the human story, focussing on the brilliant minds behind the transformative innovations and showcased the inspiring ways in which Audi is using progressive technology to start shaping tomorrow’s world today.

Audi’s initiatives, produced by TIMEs branded content division, showcased the company’s dedication to making a positive impact on our world and their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Turning the Tide interviews scientist Spencer Reeder and spotlights Audi’s production plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico; a prime example of producing hundreds of vehicles every day while minimizing its environmental impact through its “Mission: Zero” initiative, focusing on decarbonization, water use, resource efficiency, and biodiversity. To tackle water scarcity, the plant is the first premium automotive assembly plant to manufacture vehicles without creating wastewater during production, saving approximately 100,000 cubic meters of water per year and aiming to save over 300,000 cubic meters in the long term.

The second video, A Window of Opportunity, features Philipp Eder Project Manager – Procurement Strategy & Sustainable Supply Chain manager and focuses on Audi’s commitment to the circular economy to reduce its ecological footprint. The Glass Recycling pilot project researches taking unrepairable windshields from the dealer network and transforms them into new products, reducing the demand for primary materials and reducing energy usage and material waste.

The Media/Content Amplification Solution

2x ~3min docu-style videos were built and hosted within the searchable Red Border by TIME section of the TIME website, along with accompanying advertorial articles contextualising the videos. Both static and video ‘tout’ amplification took place across, advertising the campaign within other relevant articles across the site, to draw viewers attention to the illuminating campaign. Across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, video cut-downs reached millennial, climate and technology engaged users and thought-leaders around the globe.

2x four page print advertorials featured in TIME issues putting the Audi innovations before the eyes of our most engaged print readers, in two powerful issues:

– The November 7th Climate Issue, where Audi sat immediately after TIME’s Creative Director’s letter exploring the power of The Planet We Made/The Planet We Need cover, capitalising on the relevance and importance of climate in the run up the annual COP27 conference.

– The December 5th Photos of the Year Issue, which not only drew attention to the campaign’s beautiful photography, but also the theme of leadership in an issue where European covers were graced with a portrait of Steven Spielberg as a member of our TIME100 Leadership Series discussing his iconic leadership of an industry, and our editor-in-chief’s letter introduced TIME’s new CEO as we approached out 100th year.

The Result

Audi & TIME’s Future | 4ward | Sustainability campaign was a phenomenal success, delivering well above all of its guaranteed goals in its efforts to tell the stories of how Audi leads the sustainable car manufacturing space.

The truly remarkable performance was most evident in the brand uplift study. No matter how we cut the demographic data, be it age, gender, income or luxury ownership, perceptions of Audi as a sustainable, innovative leader were through the roof!

“What makes our partnership with TIME unique for us, is being associated with such an iconic brand — a brand as respected as Audi is within the automotive industry. Our campaign went beyond just advertising, it embodied a movement towards a better future focusing on water restoration and circular economy and the hybrid multiple platform approach helped articulate this important message.” Henrik Wenders, CMO Audi