2018 Winners

2018 Winners

Winner: Shell: Shell Brand GravityLight & Bedtime Stories
Entered by MediaCom

“The judges admired the sensitive and creative approach to repositioning brand perceptions of Shell as a company with purpose, creating an impact.”

Winner: Porsche: Cayman vs Drones
Entered by PHD Germany
Credits: FUSE Omnicom Media Group, Google

“This was a bold strategy and the client took a risk based on strong insights and a clear understanding of the target market.”

Winner: Hennessy XO: A New Perspective Of The Silk Road
Entered by KR Media France [GroupM]
Credits: National Geographic

“This entry demonstrated great execution on an ambitious strategy, with a rich, indulgent and evocative creative exploration of experiential content and media. It had an elegant approach to tying the Silk Road to the brand which created differentiation from other Silk Road content.”

Winner: The Barilla Foundation: Food Sustainability Index
Entered by The Economist Group

“This partnership created a genuine tool, and the choice of partnership was crucial to its impact. The tool lives beyond the campaign to help improve our world.”

Winner: Warner Bros Pictures: Wonder Woman Project
Entered by MediaCom

Credits: Discovery Networks Latin America

“This campaign was cleverly translated to provide relevance to local LatAm markets – it extended the values of female empowerment presented in the film and engaged effectively with the target audience. As Gal Gadot put it: to be a wonder woman, you don’t have to have super powers.”

Winner: Shell: Shell Brand GravityLight & Bedtime Stories
Entered by MediaCom

“This platform targeted an ambitious audience of future influencers. It was a very well thought through strategy, with strong engagement strategies generated by the creative approach.”

Winner: E.on: Tomorrow Is .On
Entered by Vizeum
Credits: Engine

“This entry demonstrated a strong creative approach in a challenging category. The client’s objective was to differentiate itself from the competition and the campaign achieves this.”

Winner: UBS: Driving Business Objectives: Impact Investing And Innovative China
Entered by Spark Foundry
Credits: Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Mashable

“This campaign had a rock solid strategy, leading to an unexpected combination of media selection and portfolio of content which delivered the results.”

Winner: Visit Faroe Islands and Atlantic Airways: Faroe Islands Translate
Entered by Sansir and Mensch

Credits: Kovboyfilm and Travel PR

“This was a simple and genius idea, engaging the population of the Faroe Islands in a campaign to save their language, creating a viral campaign which generated awareness of a little-known territory.”

Commended: Finavia Corporation: #LIFEINHEL

Entered by Dagmar

“This campaign demonstrated a clear understanding of the audience, demonstrated bravery in its use of influencers and was a unique approach for an airport operator.”