The Impact of Voice & Sound

DON’T MISS THIS FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to learn more about the Impact of Voice and Sound at an essential briefing with The World Media Group followed by networking drinks.

Voice assistants, music streaming, podcasts, audiobooks, smart speakers and connected cars have caught the public’s attention. The amount of audio-friendly content is multiplying by the minute and it is predicted that 50% of all search will be done via voice by 2020.

This essential WMG briefing will investigate the implications of this explosion of Voice & Sound on the communications industry and brands.

• Who is breaking new ground to win our hearts, minds and electronic wallets?
• What are the implications for building brands and consumer trust?
• Will building a strategy to target bots become as important as targeting humans in the future?
• Have media owners got the right approach to voice technology?
• What are the key ingredients to creating engaging audio/podcast?
• What does the future holds?


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