The Future of the International Media Planning Ecosystem

The international media planning ecosystem is in complete flux – since media planning and buying was unbundled in the 90’s, there has been a 25 year period of relative stability.  Clients appointed; creative agencies to make creative, media agencies to plan and buy their media and media owners created editorial content and sold advertising space and everyone knew their place.

As we look towards 2020, we could be looking at an even bigger revolution in the media ecosystem than in the 90’s, trust is at an all-time low and multiple forces are in play:

  • Advertisers taking back control and in-housing
  • Media owners competing with creative agencies to make commercial content
  • Business consultancies buying up small media agencies like they are going out of fashion
  • Media agencies struggling to define their role in an increasingly automated market
  • The quest for quality consumer data and ad tech at an all-time high but poorly understood
  • Most areas of the industry finding themselves doing far more work for less gain

What will the sector look like in 5 years or even 2 years from now.  Will in-housing continue to grow? As media buying becomes more automated who is responsible for planning?

Please join the World Media Group for what will prove to be an extremely interesting and thought provoking session.



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