Brand Safety – In a Journalistic/News Environment

A new report from Ebiquity found that 65% of Britain’s top 100 advertisers were exposed to potentially brand-unsafe environments in the first quarter of 2019 alone. Brands are increasingly conscious of the content that their campaigns are aligned with, but with many algorithms factoring out quality journalism sites, how can media brands break down client barriers to present themselves as trusted sites for advertising?

Brand Safety Agenda

8.30am            Registration & Coffee
8.50am            Welcome
8.55am            The Game of Trust: What is the future of digital advertising?
9.15am            From block words to editorial brand suitability: how brands can save the journalism
9.40am            Panel: How can advertisers work with journalistic media to create brand safe spaces?
10.20am    From contextual to programmatic to contextual: what role does AI play in the future of digital marketing?
10.40am         Closing remarks


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